What You Should Watch Out when Maintaining Wooden Doors

What You Should Watch Out when Maintaining Wooden Doors

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People have used wood since the beginning of time and that's why many homeowners are familiar with the requirements of this beautiful natural material. In spite the fact that more modern materials have more advantages and indeed many people are fans of aluminum overhead doors or some wouldn't trade the beauty of glass doors for nothing in the world, there are still many lovers of wood that will not exchange this material no matter if they cost them more for maintenance in terms of money and time.Wooden Garage Door Maintenance

Are there forbidden zones?

Although, many people believe that wooden doors are not recommended in locations close to the sea or high humidity, in reality modern elaborations of the material make it stronger and more resistant. You will just need to do garage door maintenance more often and apply coatings more often.

Watch out for the insulation

As an overall and in contrast to the common belief, a wooden overhead door has a lower indicator of R-value than a metallic door, which means that its insulation efficiency is not that great. On the other hand, it would depend from the location of your property in California. If your house is protected from extreme temperatures, the insulation of the natural material can be sufficient; plus, natural wood is friendly to the natural environment and recycled.

Don't use strong detergents

Wood can be corroded by chemical substances and detergents and that's why you should clean it with clean water and plain soaps. What's most important is to let it dry very well because the worst enemy of wood is moisture and mildew.

Use the right coatings

Different wood garage doors may seem all the same to people but, in reality, different types of wood can make a difference in the color, weight, and insulation. Every type would need a special coating, which would make it stronger and resistant and, thus, you will probably need the assistance of some experts from any garage door repair in Hawaiian Gardens. You must remember that the first layer of paint will be the most important one because this will make the material more resistant; hence, the extent of your door's resistance to the elements is basically in your hands.

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